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Personal injury? Dog bite? Slip and fall? Worker’s comp?

Relax. Ron’s on the case.

For more than 26 years, Ron Schreiber has earned his clients’ confidence with hard work, determination and straight talk that drives better decisions for you. The #1 responsibility of a personal injury lawyer is to help each client navigate the difficult time following an injury.

Ron is more than an auto accident attorney. We will not rest until we create a fair settlement for you:


Personal Injury

Ron has served as a lawyer to many personal injury claimants in Colorado Springs, providing the individual attention and thoughtful advice that guides them through the tough process of recovery and getting a fair settlement.


Dog Bite/Animal Attacks

If you or your loved ones have suffered from a pet owner’s negligence and have been attacked by an animal in the Colorado Springs area, Ron is your attorney. You’re not his case. You’re his client, receiving individual attention every step of the way.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can require an experienced attorney to help you demonstrate your case if you have suffered because of a property owner’s negligence. For 26 years, Ron Schreiber Law has slept, ate and breathed personal injury representation. We’ll uncover the facts of your case together and work tirelessly for a fair outcome.


Workers Compensation

Your workers compensation attorney should be communicative and diligent, staying on top of your case every week and shining a light on the next step. Ron’s hard work, availability to every client and helpful honesty are just a few of the reasons so many in Colorado Springs have turned to him to handle their workers compensation case.


Need a personal injury lawyer in Colorado Springs? Ron’s on the case.

Call us at (719) 635-9699 or contact us by email. We’ll work hard for you!