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Car Accident Attorney Colorado Springs

Our Promise To You

Whether you’ve had a personal, car, truck or motorcycle accident in Colorado Springs or Southern Colorado…
This is my promise to you.

You didn’t choose to have an accident. But you can choose an accident attorney that has served injured people with thoughtful advice, determined representation and individual attention.

I don’t promise huge settlements to get you in the door. But I do promise a consistently high level of service and personal attention — meaning peace of mind for you as you seek to put your life back together after a car, truck or motorcycle accident.


My promise:

    • I will work your case myself.

I don’t hand cases off to junior staff; I stay with each case as it unfolds and act as your determined advocate with insurance companies. Every case. Every step of the way.

    • I will work tirelessly for a fair settlement.

I built this practice on hard work and thoughtful determination — for every one of my clients, because I believe that the worst time to be alone is when you’re injured, stressed about bills, and trying to deal with insurance companies all by yourself.

    • I will keep you informed and be available for all your questions.

There’s a reason they call them “painful details.” That’s why an experienced accident attorney that manages them and makes your options clear is so valuable. You can focus on getting better and getting the information you need to make the best decisions about your finances, health, and family.

Have questions? You won’t have to chase me down. Our team promptly returns emails and phone calls so you won’t be left in the dark.

Want to see me? Make an appointment or just drop in; if I’m in the office and not in a meeting, my time and knowledge are yours.

These are my promises to you.


Ron Schreiber
Personal Injury Attorney
Colorado Springs, CO